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Do you suffer from tech neck and rounded shoulders? I definitely do. I have chronic pain in my upper left back and shoulder. I usually see a chiropractor and get a massage monthly. Yes it helps a bit but then it returns. 

It’s because of the way I sleep and my posture. Okay, and working at the desk all day. I’m sad to admit that I have round shoulders! My sister took a candid picture of me and yes…my shoulders are hunched up and over. Not attractive! More than that, it causes me pain. Honestly, if you see me standing like that please remind me to stand correctly.

Ew! Here are my rounded shoulders

So, I was in search for an easy to do exercise that can help. Why easy? Because I know if it involves any equipments or anything that requires a lot of effort I won’t don’t it!

I came across this video and this stretch works! It seriously takes really little effort, even less of an effort on the floor. It works! My neck and shoulder feels less tensed and  relieved. I’m going to try this every day…here and there. The site has other great tips as well. Link to site


  1. Stand against a wall looking straight forward and feet away from the wall
  2. Slightly bend knees
  3. Push out the space in your back so nothing can fit through and your back is against the wall
  4. Put your elbows and hands against the wall at a 90 degree angle
  5. Raise your arms along the wall making sure your elbows and hands stay against the wall (moving your arms up to make an I shape and coming back down into a w)

Easy! Well easy steps, I’m so tensed I can barely raise my arms.

What do you do to relieve tech neck and round shoulders? Anything that just work wonders? Please let me know.

Credits: fix-knee-pain.com