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Sometimes life gets really rough, and sometimes it hits a person all at once. I have a friend that is going through a really tough time and has been for a while. Honestly, it’s really hard to know what to say or to comfort someone. I remember going through a really rough time in my life as well…and it just felt lonely.

So…I want to give her a gift…just a “I hope things get better” gift. I am a spiritual person and has always believed in the higher power, energy, etc. I’ve started to think…wouldn’t it be nice to have some kind of lucky charm? I know we have these as kids and some of us grow out of it. Why not get a gift that can ward off the negative energy or at least stands for it? I know it may seem silly to others…but I tend to think it’ll be a great gift.

What are Apache Tears?

They are a type of Black Obsidian Stone, named after a Native American legend. A tribe was pursued by the Cavalry and was outnumbered. They jumped to their death to avoid being captured. A woman that belonged to the tribe cried tears of grief and formed these black stones when it hit the Earth.

Apache tears are best used for grounding and protection. It lends support during times of sorrow and sadness. It wards away negativity and helps clear negative emotions that can cloud your judgement and hold you back.