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Supernatural gets it! This is probably why it’s my favorite show. The advice and guidance that is offered in the show are amazing.

Why am I so excited about this? Because it’s exactly what I needed to hear. I’m at a point in my life where I need to make decisions that will make me happy. It may come to no surprise to those that know me, I like to do what’s right even if that means sacrificing my own happiness. It’s honerable if appreciated, but not always the best way to live every day. I have learned that I must be happy in order to help make others happy. I cannot neglect myself because then I will not be able to help anyone. Once I fall into depression, I cannot help others. I’m sure many selfless people can relate.

So here’s to having courage to do what I truly want and facing it. I’ve always been scared of failure. It’s really scary to really go after something and fail isn’t it? But here’s to having courage and to not be afraid. I’ve learned that no one’s going to do it for me…and I shouldn’t expect someone to try.