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I am easily affected by my surroundings. The slightest hint of different emotions can sway me and throw me off balance. It’s the same for my social media feed. The things people posts whether it is about me or not can change my mood. It can be very uplifting or very negatively impacting. This is who I am. Yes, I take things to heart. Yes, I am emotional. Yes, other people’s emotions affect me. I definitely try to pretend it does not bother me, but why? Why should I pretend? If it is not doing anything good for me, I should not succumb to accepting it. 

You should do the same. Surround yourself with good energy – even in your social media feeds. You may not consciously be aware of how it is affecting you.

Send good energy out into the universe…or I am going to look the other way. It is my choice and it is my life.

Warm regards,